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Miller Aesthetic Medicine


Miller Aesthetic Medicine offers services including: - Morpheus8 Vagina. These procedures work to restore vaginal tissue health and rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles to address stress, urge and mixed incontinence. They also provide vaginal rejuvenation, increase sensation to the area, along with decreasing symptoms of painful intercourse.  This also includes our nonsurgical Aviva Labioplasty that can only be done by certified Gynecologists. - Morpheus8 Face and Body work to tighten skin and decrease wrinkles, scars and adipose tissue. Results are natural and helps slow down the effects of gravity and aging. - Neurotoxin injections including Dysport & Xeomin. - Dermal fillers to the temples, cheeks, under eyes, smile lines, chin and jawline. - Weight management options including Semaglutide and MICC Therapy.- IV therapy including Myers' Cocktail. - Aesthetic facial tattooing including Ombre' brow, microblading, lip blushing and eyeliner. - Lash extensions, lash tinting, brow & lash lamination.- Facials, chemical peels, body and facial waxing along with threading, and skin bleaching. - Prescription grade skin care with ZO Obagi SkinHealth.  Our goal is to attend to your wellness needs in a personal and attentive way and our focus is on communication. Your beauty & health concerns are in good hands!​​

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Fall and Winter Hours 

Monday: 10am-7pm

Tuesday: 9am-5pm for Cosmo Appointments

Wednesday: 9am-6pm

Thursday: 9am-5pm for Cosmo Appointments

Friday: 10am-7pm

Saturday: 10am - 7pm 

Sunday: Closed

Feel free to reach out for additional needs in scheduling

or for private events!

Black Water
“Stopped by for a boost of 💦 IV Hydration 💦 Miller Aesthetic was great! The nurses were welcoming and very knowledgeable. Garden City is lucky to have a place like this!”

-Tyler Patterson

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